Sunday, 2 October 2011


Before, I used to know only a Single Breasted Jacket until I saw this one while surfing the net on a Tuesday morning.

This double breasted slim black jacket is made of Cotton blend and Spandex which is stretchy. It is lined with Polyester. It has shoulder strap and 2 outer pockets which added a finishing touch to its look.

The slim short jacket is single vented which makes it look more fashionable.

The lapel can be raised to make your outlook different but I don't really like the idea. We are in a free world, one man's food is another's poison.I guess this is my poison.

The jacket costs only $53 at one store  in South Korea. If you cant buy this, at least you can locally source for the material and give to a well talented fashion designer.Please do not try 'Trial and Error' with any fashion designer. Go for the best.


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