Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Jackets are probably one of the most extensively designed clothing for men of style.Its complexity reflects the wearer's taste.

Nowadays, jacket is becoming more ubiquitous among men of style. These jackets come in various designs; Double breasted, single breasted, the bishops collar type and the pope  style and so on.

If you want to stand out from the jacket wearer, try something new,try the new Pope Style Jacket that is well tailored by a talented tailor. Give him your specifics and allow him to cut out your body shape nicely and perfectly.

 Check out more pictures for inspiration.

Nice isnt it? This jacket is made from Rayon and Polyester. It is linen-ed by polyester only. The two patches on the shoulder is made from  synthetic rubber. The jacket has a light shoulder pad. it is double vented, it has 2 outer pockets and a single inner pocket. Tell me your opinion about it, will it rock the town.


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