Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I am strong believer that everyman should have different types of suits in his closet. Ranging from those for dates, evening things to office packages, a man should definitely get his hands on a suit at least.

To choose the best suit for the appropriate function, let say an office package,try a gray suit or a black suit and make sure it is not the 'pyped' type, for casuals try any colour and make sure it is stylish.

Your suit must portrait who you are, that's the number  1 rule of wearing a suit. A suit must portrait elegance, glamor  and confidence in the wearer. But before this can happen, your suit must:

1) Fit your body shape perfectly. 
2) Make you slimmer not fatter.
3)Have nice cut to bring out your body shape.

Good suits are not meant for celebrities only. It is not a must you have Dolce and Gabbana suits that celebs like Zac Efron, Brad Pitt and others wear on the red carpet but you can try to source a good material locally and get a well tailored suit out of it which may definitely look like those but it is not them.

 Ne-Yo at A Grammy Award Show

If you find it difficult to choose the best style for your suit, try checking out my post on Slim Luxury Fit Suit for inspiring pictures and tips.

The Great D'banj ( Mr Endowed) in a pyped suit

 Banky W in a badged blazer

If ambiguity still subsists in choosing, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading


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