Saturday, 15 October 2011


Suits,one of the most expensive clothing in  a man's wardrobe can last for a while if it is cared for. A suit is waer shich potraits confidence, elegance in the wearer, so it must look presentable at all times; business meetings, formal occassion and even a job interview.

To care for your suit, consider the following points:

1. To increase the life span of your suit, dry clean only few times a year.

2.Always avoid loads in your pockets, which could strain the joints.

3. Make sure you unbutton your jacket before you sit down.

4. Store it in a garment bag or hang on a good wooden hanger

5. Always brush your suit when you take it off to keep is looking good and clean.

6. To prevent wrinkle or stamp effect from other clothes, avoid packing your suit in between clothes.

7 Press in between cleanings to keep uur suit looking crisp.

8.Avoid quick wearing out of your suit by allowing your suit at least one day rests after wearing.

9. To avoid embedding stains aand dirt into fabric, rub gently and not forcefully.

10.Never hot press a stain on a suit to avoid permanently imprinted stains.

11.The proper care for your suit is to immediately remove spot or stain


Alex Wayne Carter said...

pls i need a preview on a suit to wear on a jean

Darchyneer said...

Check out my post on jackets

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